Lovely lady who made me feel very comfortable and process of IPL treatment was very quick and easy.
Five rating salon


Service- Friendly, very engaging and accommodating, would recommend to anyone who needs a good body relaxing therapy.
Environment- Calm and friendly, very relaxing
Salon-Very good

J Moore

Service- Royal Treatment, best facial and very relaxing , well looked after
Lovely and relaxing atmosphere, very soothing-went to sleep.
Salon 10/10, very nice and small salon
Therapist- very lovely lady and very accommodating, only booked 2.30pm appointment at 10.30 am for 2 persons.

Kathryn M

Service- Royal Facial Package-very relaxing experience, even fell asleep
Calming environment, music and smell is lovely
Salon 5/5 experience. Great for my first facial experience
Very friendly therapist, makes it easy to feel calm and relaxed.

M Robins

Service- Very relaxing treatment
Beautiful salon
Therapist   Awh  Good

John M

Everything was explained clearly and my service was very relaxing. I’m super impressed by the results
Very clean and professional environment
Salon 8/10
Therapist- The therapist made me super comfortable and knew everything about the service and explained in great details

T Minca

I came in looking to change my body shape for a special occasion and after a couple of detox slim wraps, I was motivated to eat well and I lost 4 kg in one month.
Very happy with the new confident me.


Service-Excellent, explained things well and was attentive to my needs. The facial was amazing.
Environment – Nice and relaxing
Salon 5/5
Therapist- was fantastic, very knowledgeable


Service- The facial was lovely and relaxing. The body wrap had an instant effect of making me feel relaxed and lighter.
Environment- Quiet and clean
Salon- Great range of services


Service- Very pleased, service was considerate and attentive. I felt comfortable and looked after
Environment- Nice, calming music.
Salon- Good only downside was misunderstanding of appointment time. Otherwise was very good

E Parr

Service-excellent, I had blackheads and they have almost all vanished, overall my skin feels a lot softer and hydrated.
Salon 10/10
Therapist –Jacqui

Stephen M

Service - Very satisfied with service and results. Jackie is very warm and easy to approach .
Environment – Good ambiance
Salon- good, very neat
Therapist –is very professional.


Service- Well explained of anticipated outcomes of treatments
Environment- Calming and relaxing
Salon-Easy to find location and clean
Therapist-kind and professional

Kitty L

Service-Trim and Tone
Service- Great customer service, very relaxing treatment
Environment- Clean, relax
Salon- Excellent
Therapist- Excellent

Janus J

Service- Jacqueline was very knowledgeable with skin care and helped me to understand my skin better. I will be back more often.
Environment- Very calming and relaxed
Salon 10/10
Therapist- Very lovely and caring


Service-Flexible with appointment times and easy to get in contact with.
Environment- Clean, Comfortable 
Therapist- Always remembering/knowing my treatments and very knowledgeable


Service- Sea Clay Body Wrap
Great Service, received a wonderful treatment, left with a glowing skin!
Environment- Good relaxing. Peaceful
Salon- Very good
Therapist- Excellent, lovely to deal with

Kelly P

Service- Brilliant facial, knowledgeable, experienced, gentle therapist
Environment- comfortable
Salon- Excellent experience


Service- Facial, Great service. Very relaxing. Will be back
Environment- Pleasant
Salon- Very good
Therapist- Mary

B Miller

Service- Sea Clay Body Wrap
I had the most wonderful pamper package. A very informative service.
Environment- Very tranquil, warm, smell great!
Salon-  5 stars
Therapist – Jacqueline


Service- Sea Clay Body Wrap
Wonderful experienced therapist. 
Treatment and results feel really good so far.
Skin feels tight after the VIbrosaun 

H Karoglidis


Had 4 sessions of IPL and saw great results. Professional service and clean environment .
Nice and cozy.


Service-   Good service, easy booking process
Environment – Relaxing environment and easy access
Salon 4/5
Therapist – Friendly and efficient


Service - A great local business with lots of services to offer. A neighbourhood gem
Environment – Very relaxing and calming
Salon =lovely environment and very professional.
Therapist-Professional approach with friendly service

Jacqui A

Service – awesome service and customised service, examined everything well
Environment- Clean environment
Salon small but clean salon
Therapist – very knowledgeable and friendly

Kayla T

Service- Pure body Indulgence , wonderful, relaxing and fell asleep
Environment- Very relaxing
Salon Excellent
Therapist - Jacqui

Lynne L

Service- Excellent 
Environment- Relaxing
Salon - 8 out of 10
Therapist – amazing and friendly

Cassandra P

Service- Very friendly and warm
Environment – cozy, clean and nice music
Salon five out of five
Therapist – Very nice and experienced


Service- Very relaxing and compete
Environment- Lovely, relaxing music and lighting. Good/warm temperature
Salon- Clean, well-stocked and welcoming
Therapist –kind, helpful, interested and knowledgeable

Katrina P

Service-It was so good and so relaxing
Environment- This is also good and relaxing place for a treatment
Salon- Nice ,clean and also a good place to enjoy treatment
Therapist-Very friendly and nice.  Good in giving a good after care treatment

Jenny Y

Service-So inviting and friendly. My treatment was amazingly wonderful a relaxing experience.
Environment – Smells lovely!!  Very clean and professional and welcoming with a relaxing feel here.
Salon 10 stars !!!!  Absolutely perfect
Therapist- Jacqui is so friendly and made me feel very comfortable and I will be back again for share.

Heather C

Service- Value for money and unique experience
Environment- Comfortable, clean, safe and serene
Salon- Great
Therapist- Very thoughtful, experienced and thorough

Kim L

Service – Sea Clay Body Wrap
I really enjoy the services that I had this time. Really relaxing moments that I ever had .
Environment- Nice
Salon-Top rating
Therapist- Good

Mver A

Service-Customised Facial
Great experience in helping to clear my skin
Environment – Very relaxing
Salon-I would highly recommend this as it will help your skin a lot
Therapist- Very informative and caring

Connie L

Service-Sea Clay Body wrap
Amazing, thorough and supportive
Environment- Very relaxing
Salon- 10/10 Very clean, good hygiene practices

Lauren C

She was very nice and she always made sure I was happy
Environment –warm and was always playing nice music and comfortable
Salon- The salon was very nice and was always warm

Meg C

Servive -IPL
IPL was painless and quick. Result were good
Environment-It was relaxing and I felt comfortable and safe
Salon-nice clean salon, very convenient location
Therapist- Jacqueline is very helpful and nice. She is most definitely knows what she is doing.


Service-Eyebrow shaping
Eyebrow shaping always leave satisfied
Salon -10/10
Therapist Jacqui

Jenny Van S

Service-Pure Body Indulgence
Very vigorous massage, which really felt like it was working out all the tension in my muscles.
Environment-Calming and peaceful and it smelt very nice
Salon- Nice quiet salon, very convenient to my home
Therapist-Jacqui was very thorough and informative

Kelly G

Jacqui is very knowledgeable and professional/enjoyed my treatment.
Environment-Salon is clean and well equipped/relaxing atmosphere
Salon-Excellent standard
Therapist- Jacqui taught me a lot about my skin, will be back

Emily Health

Service- IPL
Great Service felt very at ease and good care. Will recommend and come back
Environment- Very relaxing
Salon 9/10
Therapist - Very informative, able to answer all questions and provide excellent information.

Francis Ross

Service-Excellent and great atmosphere and massage
Environment- Lovely, relaxing and quiet
Salon – 5 stars
Therapist- Terrrific


Debbie N

Service - A wonderful experience
Environment- Vert quiet and relaxing
Salon – Top rating
Therapist – Jacqui

Diana Wyeth

Service-Good service, always made booking eazy
Environment-Lovely relaxing environment
Salon 5 stars
Therapists- Wonderful, always friendly and welcoming


The vibrosaun was very relaxing and the massage section of the facial was amazing
Environment- comforting and soothing
Therapist- Lovely nature and one of the best massage therapist I have come across


Environment- Pleasant
Salon -5 stars
Therapist – She is very friendly and highly professional  


Service – Massage
Lovely, relaxing treatment. Very enjoyable, would recommend
Environment-Peaceful and relaxing
Salon –Excellent
Therapist- Lovely, professional

A Shield

Service-Facial  ( Check goggle review)
So relaxing. I noticed immediate results from my facial
Environment- Very peaceful
Salon 5 Stars
Therapist- Jacqui 

K Wilson

Service- Upgraded Facial and it was very active and great value-skin felt great!
Environment- Nice soothing music
Salon/rating- Treatment that work to make you feel healthier and better!  A +
Therapist- Very friendly, knowledgeable and stayed back longer to give extra value.

S Mielnik