2022 Christmas Newsletter

2022 Christmas Newsletter

Christmas is just over a month away. It’s a time to have reunion dinner with family and friends or to celebrate, and cherish the festive season.

Our team at JC Unique would like to reward you with pamper packages and deals with value-added to products as a big thank you for being loyal to JC Unique.

We are all trying to live in the COVID-19 Norm. It is not easy but be strong and stay positive to move on with life.

Good News to all, you can now purchase products, pamper packages, and gift certificates on our e-commerce website.

JC Unique would like to offer two new services, pregnancy, and baby massage.

JC Unique would also like to highlight our Beauty Club which is our membership. There are a few levels, and the Gold and VIP membership will be available at this stage. Others will be given on request.

JC Unique is constantly researching treatments and techniques to maintain good skin and slow the aging process or age gracefully with minimum invasive treatments. We have stepped up to a higher level in beauty as now specialise in personalized skin & body treatment programs that address individual concerns and  expectations

Christmas Specials are out now and are posted on Facebook & Instagram.

Gernetic Duo Pack, Herma Jessence bulk pack with FREE NEW CELL serum.

Over 15% OFF GENERTIC  Duo Skin Care pack, Silk of Morocco mascara & Eye of Horus eye-pencils, eyeshadow, and magic peel glove