Lash Perming
If you are tired of using mascara or do not have to worry about your eyes while on holiday then lash perming is recommended. It curls the lashes and the tint will darken the lashes thus enhances the eyes to its best.

Lash Grafting
This is an instant touch to your lashes to make them look longer and fuller with lash grafting. It is done by extending your lashes individually with natural hair fibre. It comes in black, brown and blue colour.

Embroidery technique
Did you even wish to have a natural looking eyebrow, eyeliner or lip liner? If yes this service is worth pursuing as it gives a soft touch to the existing features yet enhance the feature to the maximium. It is a semi permenant treatment and can last for a long time .

Tooth jewellery
Like to brightens your smile with a gem. Tooth jewellery is applying a gem to one of your tooth to gives a good smile.
It is safe and durable and last for three months. It can be remove anytime effortless.

Acne contouring/scarring
Collagen Booster
JC Signature
Using sophisticate proteins with high active enzymes and mask to improve the main concern of the skin based on individual needs. It gives outstanding results. For a glowing and radiant skin, JC massage technique combine with lymphatic massage to relax, hydrate and firm.
Sensitive Capillary skin
    Rehydration Boost
    Skin Recharged
    Intensive Facial
Bio Peel (Natural Peel)
Natural skin peels using organic marine extracts. It is a deep penetrating peel with no irritation, yet the benefits are abundant. It assists in anti-wrinkle, reduction in pigmentation as well as aids in reducing of scarring acne. The treatment gives a smooth radiant skin.
Diamond Sparkle
Ultrasonic treatment that smooths and firm the skin. Pearly ingredient is applied to lighten and smooths the skin. The skin is nourished with serum and mask, leaving a radiant glow.
Skin Lightening

Purifying Facial with Herma Jessence
Deep cleanse and balancing the skin PH.
Oxygen-Vitamin Infused Facial
This facial is an instant fresh-up & plump up for your skin with a combination of oxygen as well as natural vitamins and minerals help to restore, tighten and rejuvenate your skin and is ideal to refine skin texture and soothes tired skin.
Youthful Glow
Customised Facial
An intensive deep pore cleansing facial and balance the moisture of the skin. Skin imperfections are treated with biotechnology products. Facial massage bestows a radiant glow to the skin. The facial is enhanced with an eye treatment and a relaxing scalp massage.
Express Skin Refine 30min
Normal Hydrating Facial
Sparkling Eyes (restore, tone & rejuvenate) 45 minutes
Dream of always keeping your eyes looking young, lines free and eradicate traces of tiredness. This treatment helps to restore muscle tone, rejuvenate the skin and eradicatesigns of aging as well tiredness leaving your eyes bright and sparkling. Give immediate result and face lift, erase the puffy eyes and fine lines.
Non Surgical Face Lift 
Micro Derma Abrasion with Oxygen
(incl. consultation)
High tech of removal superficial epidermal dead skins cellsusing oxygen infusion giving no irritation or redness.The skin feels soft smooth, dark spot will lighten, improves scaring
LED Facial
The use of colour light therapy to treat acne skin, dry or dehydrated skin. It assists in skin repairs and heals the acne prone skin. The skin elasticity is enhanced and the collagen in the cells is increased. It increases cellular renewal and induces total relaxation.
Combo Microdermabrasion and LED Facial Package
Skin Analysis Consultation 20 minutes
(free with any beauty treatment)
Painless Electrolysis (using Tweezers)
Please enquire
Detox / Slimming / Firming 75 minutes
Detox/ Cellulite/Decongestion 75 minutes
Detox/ Cellulite/Firming 75 minutes
Stretch Marks/ Firming 60 minutes
Stretch Marks 45 minutes

Body Care Body Care

Bridal Makeup with eyebrow shaping
Special Occasions
Group Makeup - 3 or more
Ear Piecing package
Tooth jewellery, with gem stones

Oxygen Spray Tan
ensures natural glowing colour to all skin types

Eyelash Tint
Eyebrow Tint
Eyebrow and Eyelash (same color)
Eyelash Perming
Lash Extension Medium
Lash Extension Natural Full
Lash Extension Full Volume Extension

Bust contouring 60 minutes
Bust Re Balance 60 minutes

Scalp treatment with scalp and neck massage
Enriched oil massage on the forehead chakra to balance the energy flow. Massage the oil into the scalp and the hair is treated. You feel very relaxed and the hair follicle nourished. Encourage hair growth as well.